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Cyclone Remal Emergency Support

From June 25-29, 2024, the Disabled Child Foundation (DCF), in partnership with Caritas Bangladesh and supported by CBM Global Disability Inclusion, led a comprehensive emergency distribution in response to Cyclone Remal. Covering Sutarkhali Union of Dacope and Moharajpur Union of Koyra, Khulna, this initiative exemplified our commitment to inclusive relief efforts.

We together established accessible distribution points featuring toilets, entryways, information desks, complaint and feedback points, water and primary health care stations, and mobile banking cash-out facilities. Over these days, we distributed multi-purpose cash grants, hygiene kits, and protection kits to 1,830 households, including 547 households with persons with disabilities. The project, “Humanitarian Assistance for Cyclone Remal Affected People of Dacope and Koyra Upazila, Khulna,” ensured that all community members, especially those with disabilities, received the support they needed to recover and rebuild.[0]=AZUNgDtwOFt1LclFfcLG1W-9kfO9pWNqEUmHk_WJGU4WO54btBWWqfbYu3_OTpz7AS4JxcmnqKFP6GUnLvuMRsBaA9xN2DueaPOQGdSs5K-yXj-GAS7yd32x3egtQMo4lh7hpY2Upxda_NlBJBqDNMAWGW_Lp4FwO_m0b6a3Ll76cdy7M_Ob_yikXxoilgEpIY3HOv1uYHuV4VJ-lUTEdx07&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R