Nasrin Jahan Executive Director of the Disabled Child Foundation (DCF)

Nasrin Jahan

Executive Director
Disabled Child Foundation (DCF)

Founder's Message

I am Ms. Nasrin Jahan, a visually challenged woman. I am the Founder & Executive Director of the Disabled Child Foundation (DCF). I have obtained a Masters’ Degree from the University of Dhaka.

At the beginning of my life, I was facing an eyesight problem which is gradually deteriorating and eventually I lost my vision and become totally blind after completion of my education. In that situation, I was deeply choked and frustrated and my entire dream goes in vain.

However, my family always inspired me to be positive and directed me so that I can survive with dignity and courage to live a decent life. They advised me to get rid of all kinds of frustrations and overcome the situation with patience and confidence.

After getting a positive response from my well-wishers, eventually my Dream comes true and I have established the organization named Disabled Child Foundation (DCF) in 2005 by the initiatives of a group of committed persons with multidisciplinary expertise and long experience in the field of disability. Since its inception, DCF has been working for the children, women, and persons with disabilities and marginalizes people in the country with the faith in the morals of working for the poor and disadvantaged people.

I am optimistic that this is the way that the children & Persons with disabilities will establish their equal rights and live a decent life with dignity and courage.