Goal & Objectives

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Goal of the Organization:

To build an inclusive society where persons with disabilities experience access to establish rights, dignity, and equal opportunities across all aspect of life. This aims to significantly enhance capacity, inclusive policies, programs, best utilization of their potentials and opportunities, fostering an environment aligned with our vision and mission of an inclusive society for all.

Objectives of the Organization:

  • To promote equal opportunities for persons with disabilities to actively participate in development activities.
  • To promote barrier-free integration of persons with disabilities into every aspect of society.
  • Awareness raising on disability inclusion, human rights, gender equality, equity, diversity, etc.
  • To provide capacity building/ technical assistance to persons with disabilities, parents, caregivers, community members, duty bearers, and various stakeholders to ensure disability inclusion.
  • To advocate for policy and practice enhancement to promote disability inclusion.
  • Collaboration and networking with government, NGOs, OPDs, CBOs, media and other stakeholders.