Selection and Screening of CYMH Through Health Camp

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Disabled Child Foundation (DCF) organized Health Camp at khilgaon, Dhaka-1219 on 4th April 2021. Among the patients, 10 were 18 years and above age. 12 were below 18 years. Male patients were 13 and 9 were female. All of them were from urban areas and low-income groups. Occupation of the patients found unemployed, a rickshaw puller, housemaid, computer operator, and student
It was observed that in this small group of patients everyone is affected by the current pandemic situation. Unemployment due to restriction from the government was the precipitating factor for developing depression in two patients. Parents of children with mental retardation are suffering a lot to manage them at home. Moreover, treatment for any physical disability like corrective surgery is halted now due to Covid’s situation. The mental health of children is also severely affected as they are now deprived of any outdoor activity and learning sessions. Parents of this group cannot avail of any internet-based service.

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