Special School

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DCF Learning Center

DCF conducting a special school which is known as DCF learning center for the Neuro developmental children with disability as like autism, down syndrome, intellectual disability and cerebral palsy. They are so much vulnerable in society and also parents are hopeless on them. We strongly feel that, try to do something for their better life. As per our plan DCF established a learning center for Neuro developmental children with disabilities in January 2019.

DCF has special trained teachers. These children are cared by special trained teachers. In according to their needs every child is given an idea of the basic things of their daily life. We believe that through proper care it is possible to improve the quality of life of children with special needs. At the same time, parents and care givers of children with disabilities are given different directions so that they can take proper care of them in their family

On their need basis, DCF learning center is providing all types of support like special take care for their education, speech and occupation therapy, skill training, referral services, create equal opportunity to participate in game, sports and cultural activities.